Clancy’s Fish Bar City Beach

Paul Burnham Architects Pty Ltd designed the new Clancy’s Fish Bar City Beach, a
renovation of a ten year old restaurant space within a stand alone beach front pavilion near
Perth, Western Australia.Project description:

“The project was the theatrical transformation of a former restaurant building located on
the sand dunes at the popular City Beach.”

“The design intention was to effect the most complete and dramatic transformation of the
space and create a new fresh, Clancy’s style, family friendly atmosphere, appropriate to
it’s unique beachside setting.”

“The high raking ceiling was painted out in a dark charcoal colour and the expansive
volume was filled with twelve new oversized purposefullly designed, brightly coloured
and whimsical fabric chandeliers.”

“The works include multicoloured timber slatted chairs, bright eclectic furniture and even
beach towels. The new interiors rely on an explosion of flamboyant colours and

(images  o1, 02, 03, 06 from
(images 04, 05, 07 from


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